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Breeding and sport informations:

Successful Dahoman XI-57 from the breed of the National Stud Fram Topolcianky
Successful Dahoman XI-57 from the breed of the National Stud Fram Topolcianky

During the last days, The National Stud Farm Topolcianky was delighted by extraordinary news connected with written congratulations from the head of the press department SHAGYAWORLD.COM. Dahoman XI-57, a gelding from Topolcianky, gained an excellent placing in endurance race at Abu Dhabi Al Wathaba. The horse ended at the wonderful second place out of 211 competing horses in endunce race CEI** 120km.

Dahoman XI-57 was born on 22nd April 2007 at the breeding farm called „Rybník“.The world endurance champion , Miguel Vila Ubach choose him as a 4-year-old-gelding. The horse was sold in 2011 and after his training in Spain, he was sold to the United Arab Emirates.

This middle sized grey horse is after sire Dahoman XI from dam 666 Siglavy Bagdady III-6.The line Dahoman was established by original Arab stallion Dahoman (bay, born in 1864 in Sirius).In 1852, the stallion was imported to Hungary, to the stud farm in Babolna. The line Dahoman has been in Topolcianky since 1928. Descendants keep the unique and characteristic type, the horses are rather large but noble with excellent jumping and endurance skills.

DAHOMAN XI was for a long time the only breeding stallion of this line in Slovakia. He was a typical representative of the line Dahoman. The stallion was symmetrical and noble- in type of his father. There are 80 foals after Dahoman XI at the National Stud Farm Topolcianky. He became a father of four breeding stallions-Dahoman XII (Slovak provincial breeding), Dahoman XIII (the continuator of the line at the National Stud Farm Topolcianky). There are another two breeding stallions in Czech Republic-Dahoman I-CZ and Dahoman IV-CZ (Tamarix). His descendants asserted themselves at endurance competitions. There were sport horses such as Safír, Sakura and Sabrína. Ten elite breeding mares are a part of the breeding herd at the National Stud Farm Topolcianky and other tens of mares are in the provincial breeding. There are hundreds of frozen insemination doses of this important representative of the line Dahoman in a sperm bank of the National Stud Farm Topolcianky.

Sire of the stallion – Dahoman X – was imported from Polish stud farm Janow Podlaski to preserve the line in Slovakia. This line was very popular here ever since.

Dam of Dahoman XI-57is the breeding mare 666 Siglavy Bagdady III-6, which comes from a significant family of shagya arab mares, the family Mezohegyes. It was established in 1800. Internationally, it is marked as Radovecka Family num. III.

More than 90-years-long -history of horse breeding in Topolcianky, which has not  gone under short-lasting modern trends yet, confirmed again that conservativism based on a firm breeding program and proved lines and families from the studs of formed Austria-Hungary Monarchy is still very successful in breeding of the precious shagya arab horses.


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PHOTO: Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD.

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