FAVORY XVIII-1 STARTED THE NEW BREEDING SEASONOn January 18, in the morning at the Hostie breeding facility, the first foal of the year was born, the Lipizzaner stallion Favory XX-1 after the newly registered stallion 113 Favory XX Sofija. With this, little Favory opened not only the breeding season at the National Stud, but also the breeding career of his father, as he is his first offspring.

Favory XX Sofija is a representative of the Hungarian branch of Favory II (1949). The mother of stallion 728 Sofija (3rd place in the category of young mares at the International Championship of Lipizzaner horses in Topoľčianky) is a representative of the Stornela family. Sofija was a producer of elite mothers. The father of the stallion, known to many by his sporting name Tobiáš, was sold to Austria, where he still works in private breeding. In Topoľčianky, he reached the dressage grade "T". The stallion Favory XX Sofija passed the performance tests in 2018 in the final ELITA class (8.6 points). He was included in the breeding program of the National Stud in 2020.

The stallion's mother is the elite mare 743 Gidra from the rare Gidrana family. It is already her fifth foal.

Little Favory is healthy, friendly and running mischievously around his calm and caring mother. The excellent pedigree of the new born stallion predestines him for a promising career. We will follow his next life steps, growth and development, up to the first steps in training.

We wish him a happy and successful future!

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