May Award of the Topoľčianky National Stud 2023

May Award of the Topoľčianky National Stud 2023

On the last weekend of May, the first of this year's sports events took place in the grounds of the National Stud - the May Prize of the Topoľčianky National Stud. More than 80 riding pairs came to test their strength. Competitions were announced from the ZM level (90 cm) to M - 130 cm. As part of this event, one of the six rounds of the Young Horse Criteria, which is covered by the Association of Horse Breeders in Slovakia, was held.

The author of the course was an experienced designer from the Czech Republic, Ján Kopiš. The panel of judges, which ensured the smooth running of all competitions, was commanded by Anka Virágová, the other members were Martina Kredatusová, Kamil Šulko and Patrik Mikulášik.

A big thank you goes to the sponsors of the event, who donated interesting prizes in kind and financial prizes to the winners and runners-up. They were the companies Happy Horse Service, Cavalor, Heineken, Prohorse, Falabella Equistore, JK pri Národný žrebčín and Národný žrebčín Topoľčianky.

Topoľčianky National Stud Award

14 riding pairs entered Saturday's main prize, 10 of which completed the first round without penalty points. However, only 8 of them took part in the jump off. Matej Marčok won with the mare Ravenna Fortis from JK Trenčín Nozdrkovce without a mistake and with the best time. With the second fastest time and without any fallen obstacle, Maroš Kuchár took second place on Liepzig VD Hooghoeve from TK Sport Stable Bratislava. The third place remained in the east in JK Slávia Spišská Nová Ves thanks to Zdenek Kuchár with the horse Go For It 8.

At the request of the riders, the article of the competition was changed in the Sunday Topoľčianky National Stud Award – from a competition against the clock to a competition with jump off. 16 riding pairs met at the start. 9 of them qualified to the jump-off, but only seven started. Matej Marčok defended his championship from Saturday with the talented mare Ravenna Fortis from JK Trenčín Nozdrkovce. Second place went to Igor Šulek with his horse Lafibolus from Ranch Palomino Bohunice. Third place was won by Alexander Martin Genčík from MedGene Bratislava with the mare Solarissa.

Criteria for young horses

The Association of Horse Breeders in Slovakia, a cooperative, as a recognized breeding organization for the purpose of testing the useful properties of young horses using the results for heredity control, published in the 2023 sports season the Criteria for young horses in horse jumping for four, five and six-year-old horses. The final will take place as part of the Young Horse Championship in Trenčín - Nozdrkovce 30.9.-1.10.2023.

In the category of 4-year-old horses, 11 pairs of riders took part, including three mares from the Topoľčianky National Stud. Seven horses completed the clear rounds at a height of 100 cm. The category of 5-year-old horses was the most numerous, the starting list included up to 15 riding pairs, of which only three were able to complete the 110 cm high course without a penalty point. 6-year-old horses jumped at a height of 120 cm. Of the six registered, 5 completed the round without a mistake.

We congratulate all the winners and runners-up on their good results and wish you another successful sports season. Detailed results of all competitions can be found at  and

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