The National Stud Farm Topolcianky, s.p. 1921 – 2001

História národného žrebčína

In the dark of night, just two hours after midnight, the alarm clock went off. Feeding, bridling and saddling took a maximum of sixty minutes. Riding went on till nine o'clock, saddling up, getting off and wiping the sweat off each horse with straw. Only after that was there a moment for the men to consider their own stomachs. This was the daily regime at the training center led by Russian Osip Osipovich Slobodinský, a pioneer in equestrian sports who ran the center from 1927 until 1944. The same went for lunch. In the time from breakfast till the noon lunch hour saddles had to be cleaned and the horses fed and bridled. Lunch never took more than an hour, and from one to three was the time for the mandatory nap. After an hour of gymnastics for the men it was again time for another runaround, with each task having a specific time allotted to it. From four to five in the afternoon feeding, cleaning the harnesses and sweeping the grounds, after which evening training study and preparation for exercises went on until eight o'clock. After that the men finally had time off until two in the morning. This was the time when they crawled into their beds in their spartan rooms, where everything smelled of horses. Every day must have reminded them of their time served in army barracks. This is how the men remember their former lifestyle at the stud farm, and the famous riders František Hrúzik and Dominik Pružinský remember it the same way when they started work at the stud farm as fourteen-year olds.


   The Horse Museum in Topoľčianky is a tabernacle. It bears witness to all the triumphs of the stud farm and its people. František Hrúzik also has his altar of glory at the museum; in the summer of 2001 he celebrated his seventy-fourth birthday. His trophies and diplomas are a testimony to his success in the past. In 1960 in Rome he was the first and to date only Slovak to participate in an Olympic Games in the equestrian events. He also raced in the Great Pardubice Steeplechase and competed as a rider in jumping, military, and carriage races. They say that whatever he took into his hands he did at least at the level of Czechoslovak champion.

   Dominik Pružinský's medals (30. 7. 1921 - 23. 11. 1995) are also on display in the museum's vitrines. They will never forget this man who dedicated his entire life to horses. He had great success in dressage and grew rose to become one of the elite riders. For thirteen years he represented Czechoslovakia at major international competitions including the European Championships.
  It became a tradition that not only tourists but every Czechoslovak president during his term of office honored the stud farm with his visit and rode in a carriage. The first was Tomáš G. Masaryk, who in contrast to his successors was the only president who rode in a carriage from only the train station to the stud farm. He loved to ride on the grounds, saddled on his brown horse, the Lippizaner stallion Hector. The wooden stand which he used to get in and out of his riding boots is on display in the museum; his initials T.G.M. are on the back side. The carriage which he used to ride from the station is also preserved in mint condition.

   Next to "Masaryk's" carriage in the museum are others. Most are just used for display purposes, but the most luxurious of the lot, decorated with bordeaux-colored velvet, is still used on special occasions to carry distinguished guests: visitors from abroad, diplomats and presidents. The list of Czechoslovakia's past heads of state are engraved in gold letters into black marble and can be just after passing through the museum's main gate.

   One visitor whom Topoľčianky is particularly proud have hosted is a former English jockey, now a world-renowned writer of detective stories set in the world of horses who has enthralled readers with his exciting stories, authentic equestrian atmosphere and sense of humor: Dick Francis.
Biggest achievements:
1959 M-ČSSR – dressage Dominik Pružinský – Our Orange M-ČSSR – militari-František Hrúzik-Silná

1960 M-ČSSR-dressage Dominik Pružinský-Our Orange M-ČSSR-military-František Hrúzik-Omen
Attendance at  Olympic games in Rome-František Hrúzik-Omen

1962 M-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Ajax

1964 M-ČSSR-dressage-team :
Jozef Varga-Jelka
František Krpala-Vietor
Dominik Pružinský-Chod

1966 M-ČSSR-militari-Jozef Haspra-Svit

1967 M.-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Vietor M-ČSSR-militari-Jozef Haspra-Svit M-ČSSR.dressage-team:
František Hrúzik-Renata
František Krpala-Jemen
Dominik Pružinský-Vietor

1968 M- ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Vietor M-ČSSR-dressage-František Krpala-Jemen M-ČSSR-dressage-team:
Dominik Pružinský-Vietor
František Krpala-Jemen
Jozef Haspra-Jelka

1969 M-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Jemen M-ČSSR-dressage-František Krpala-Vietor M-ČSSR-dressage-team:
Dominik Pružinský-Jemen
František Krpala-Vietor
Jozef Haspra-Svit

1971 M-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Jemen M-ČSSR-show-jumping-Jozef Varga-Dalibor

1973 M-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Jemen

1974 M-ČSSR-dressage-Dominik Pružinský-Jemen

1976 M-ČSSR-dressage- Dominik Pružinský-Jemen M-ČSSR-show-jumping-Milan Alakša-Parmezán

1977 Grand Prix CSIO-show jumping-Milan Alakša-Parmezán

1983 M-SSR-show-jumping-Milan Alakša-Marko M-SSR show-jumping-team:
Milan Alakša-Marko
Pavol Gašpar-Honor
Ing.Juraj Kovalčík-Flóra

1990 M-ČSSR-pairs-František Kunský-Neapolitano VIII-45, Conversano IV-5

World championship Gladstoun USA-pairs
František Kunský-Neapolitano VIII-45, Conversano IV-5 M-SR-militari-Rudolf  Kohút-Artik

1994 M-SR-militari-Rudolf Kohút-Artik

1995 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Magik M-SR-militari-Rudolf Kohút-Artik

1997 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Magik M-SR-dressage-Viktória Rusnáková-Formát

1998 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Formát M-SR-acrobatic riding-team-Calimero M-SR-acrobatic riding-Lucia Naštická-Carmen
World riding games Roma-acrobatic riding-Lucia Naštická

1999 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Formát M-SR-dressage-Viktória Rusnáková-Formát
Championship of Europe-acrobatic riding-Martin Vaváček-Carmen M-SR-dressage-Lucia Naštická-Fária
World championship-pairs-Pavol Baláž-Conversano VI, Siglavy X M-SR-pairs-Pavol Baláž-ConversanoVI, Siglavy X
Championship of Europe-dressage-Viktória Rusnáková-Formát

2000 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Formát M-SR-dressage-Viktória Rusnáková-Formát M-SR-pairs-Pavol Baláž-Conversano VI, Pluto VIII

2001 M-SR-dressage-Rudolf Kohút-Magik Gašpar-Aranka, Arkádia
World championship-pairs :
Pavol Baláž-Pluto VIII, Conversano VI
František Kunský-Siglavy X, Conversano VI
Championship of Europe-acrobatic riding-Anna Malíková-Carmen


Zootechnici jednotlivých výrobných stredísk


Breziny - Krásny majer- chov slovenského teplokrvníka so zameraním na chov športových koní, kmeňové žrebce, plemenné kobyly, dorast


Michal Kotora

Štefan Haspra

Štefan Ďurina

Milan Alakša

Ladislav Lehotský

Pavol Gašpar


Rybník – chov arabského čistokrvného a arabského plnokrvného koňa, kmeňové žrebce, plemenné kobyly, dorast

Štefan Mesko

Štefan Borčin

Ing. Juraj Kovalčík

Jozef Haspra

Ing. Edita Kohútová

Hostie a Košiar – chov lipicanského a huculského koňa, kmeňové žrebce, plemenné kobyly, dorast,

Lukáč Pružinský

Štefan Magušin

Jozef Varga

Ing. Michal Horný

Ján Zeman


Výcvikové stredisko - Topoľčianky – základný výcvik remont pod sedlom, v ťahu, 100 dňové testy plemenného materiálu, testovanie výkonnosti športových a dostihových koní



Osip Osipovič Slobodínsky

Emil Šulgan

Pavol Gregor

m.š. Dominik Pružinský

Július Rafaj

m.š. František Hrúzik

Ing. Juraj Kovalčík

Ing. Miroslav Galousek

Samuel Sokol

Rudolf Kohút

MVDr. Viliam Naštický  

Zootechnici chovu hovädzieho dobytka


Teodor Siklienka   

Ing. Alojz Švec

Emil Brezina   

Ján Sumela

Ján Šaling   

Jozef Červený

Ing. Miroslav Polák   

Ing. Edita Kohútová

Ing. Vojtech Valent   

Ján Turza 




Agronómovia poľnohospodárskej výroby


Jozef Koch

Štefan Solár

 Ing. Rudolf Dušek

Cyprián Tomek

 Ing. František Pochibý

Augustin Mihok

 Ing. Dr. Karol Koubek

Ing. Pavol Mihok

 Ing. Rudof Stana

Ján Hrdlovič

 Jozef Beňa

Anton Bošanský

 Štefan Labay

Ing. Vladimír Dostál

 Štefan Lednár

Andrej Magát

 Jozef Hrúzik

a ďalší.  



Ekonómovia žrebčína


Filoména Čepcová                              

Marian Rímeš                                      

Pavol Čepec


Ing. Juraj Šilhavík



Mechanizátori žrebčína


Ing. Jozef Borcovan                                                               

František Durdy

Ing. Ladislav Boršč                                                                 

Ing. Daniel Haspra


Vedúci stavebnej skupiny


Jozef Horvát                                                                                      

Helena Holecová


Vedúca evidencie chovu koní na Slovensku pri NŽ Topoľčianky


Ing. Dana Naštická

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