Festival of Lipizzaners in Lipica Stud Farm 2023

Festival of Lipizzaners in Lipica Stud Farm 2023

At the 17th meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, which took place from November 28 to December 3, 2022 in Rabat, Morocco, the element "Lipizzaner Horse Breeding Traditions" was accepted into the list for the protection of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. It was an international nomination of eight European countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy - which highlighted the common heritage linking communities and states at the national and international level. The main coordinator of the entire nomination process was the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Lipica Stud Farm.

The European bison has found its place in the hippological exhibition

The European bison has found its place in the hippological exhibition

In addition to the traditional Open Day, May 1, 2023 was also the day of the inclusion of the new exhibition "European Bison and its interspecies hybridization with cattle" in the hippological exposition of the National Stud of Topoľčianky. Despite the fact that a bison and a horse are different animal species, the history of bison breeding in Slovakia is also connected with the history of the stud farm in Topoľčianky. Their joint history began to be written in 1981. In cooperation with the current Department of Genetics and Breeding Biology of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and the support of the Ministries of Culture, Education and Agriculture of the Slovak Republic and the State Forests of Topoľčianky, an experimental and breeding project was established, anchored in the research task "Study of biological and genetic issues of effective use of bison crossbreeding with cattle". The project manager was prof. Ing. Jozef Kliment, DrSc. and the co-researcher was prof. MVDr. Pavel Šťastný, PhD., who personally participated in the presentation of the new exhibition. The joint hard work was rewarded with positive results, and thus for the first time in history, an interspecies crossing of a Slovak mottled bull with a bison was achieved, which gave birth to healthy offspring. Despite the great response from the professional public, the experimental farm ended its operation in 1988. It is all the more important to remember this exhibition, which was also ground-breaking in the world in the field of interspecies hybridization.

Open day at the Topoľčianky National Stud

Deň otvorených dverí v Národnom žrebčíne Topoľčianky

This annual Open Door Day, which is traditionally held on May 1, broke all previous attendance records. The pleasant spring weather in connection with the prospect of a day full of experiences attracted more than 15 000 visitors to Topoľčianky.


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April 22 - 23, 2023, on the grounds of the National Stud "Topoľčianky" š.p. held a general meeting of the international organization HIF (Hucul International Federation) with the participation of delegates from Hungary, Romania, Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and the Slovak Republic.

Day of selling horses

Deň predajných koníOn April 15, 2023, the Horses for Sale Day was held in the premises of the Topoľčianky National Stud. Despite the rainy weather, many visitors and interested parties came. From the outdoor arena, the event moved to the covered hall of the historic riding school, where horses were shown on hand, free and under saddle.

Breeding seminar in Topoľčianky

Breeding seminar in Topoľčianky

On February 25, 2023, after a three-year break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the breeding seminar organized by the National Stud in Topoľčianky was held again. Almost forty private breeders and interested parties from all over Slovakia supported the event with their presence.

Breeding stallion EMBASSY II in the National Stud of Topoľčianky !!!

Embassy II a Hans Dieter Dreher

During the breeding season 2023, fresh semen will be available also for private breeders. More info at

Embassy II is a Hanoverian stallion born in 2001. He is a black bay gelding with a massive frame, with a height at the withers of 170 cm.

Saint Nicholas at the Topoľčianky National Stud

Mikuláš v Národnom žrebčíne TopoľčiankyAfter a two-year break caused by restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year we welcomed Saint Nicholas and his entourage again to the premises of the Topoľčianky National Stud. Especially the little ones look forward to his arrival every year. On this occasion, an impressive program was again prepared for them.

A historic moment for the Topoľčianky National Stud

Historická chvíľa pre Národný žrebčín Topoľčianky1st December 2022 will be written in golden letters in the history of the National Stud. It was on this day that the historically rare Lipizzaner breed was entered into the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Slovakia, together with 7 other countries, succeeded with the joint nomination "Traditions associated with the breeding of Lipizzaner horses".

Ing. Emil KOVALČÍK, PhD. celebrated his 50th birthday

Ing. Emil Kovalčík PhD

Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD. belongs to the long-term employees of the Topoľčianky National Stud. He has been working as the head of the marketing department and stud books for 20 years. He is an integral part of all domestic breeding and sports events. This year he celebrated his life anniversary, a beautiful round 50 years.

PERFORMANCE TESTS OF STALLIONS - Topoľčianky, 27.10.2022

VÝKONNOSTNÉ SKÚŠKY ŽREBCOV - Topoľčianky, 27.10.2022

Chairman of the commission:
Ing. Péter GÖRÖZDI

VK members:
Ing. Michaela Horná, PhD.
Ing. Eugen Feherváry
Ing. Juraj Kovalčík

The following cooperated with the commission:
Ing. Samuel Sokol, head of horse breeding
Ing. Emil Kovalčík, PhD., head of PK and marketing
Ing. Monika Ivančíková, PhD., Department of Marketing and Breeding Documentation
Miroslav Matúška, head of horse training

MVDr. Dušan Solár

Visit of Topoľčianky

Návšteva v Topoľčiankach

On 21 October 2022, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Slovakia, J.E. Mr. Nigel Marcus Baker, visited the National Stud in Topoľčianky. He was welcomed by the director of the National Stud, Michal Horný.

    The special guest viewed the historic riding school and the performance of riders with Lipizzaner horses, visited the hippological exhibition and entered the memorial book of the National Stud.

Hubert's ride at the Topoľčianky National Stud

Hubertova jazda v Národnom žrebčíne Topoľčianky

After a two-year break caused by measures related to the Covid 19 pandemic, on the third Saturday of October, the National Stud in cooperation with the Slovak Equestrian Federation said goodbye to the rich sports and breeding season. Hubert's ride already belongs to the traditions of the National Stud. This year's participants were greeted by typically autumn weather enhanced by the colourful diversity of the surrounding forests.



Selection committee

Ing. Péter Görözdi - chairman

Ing. Eugen Feherváry

Ing. Juraj Kovalčík

Ing. Vladimir Šmelko

MVDr. Stefan Karahuta

MVDr. Marián Pavľak (excused for 2 days)

Ing. Kamil Šulko (excused on the first day of credit rating)

Visit of Topoľčianky


On September 21, 2022, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Slovak Republic H.E. Mr. SUN Lijie and the Chairman of the SOPK Mr. Peter Mihók visited the National Stud in Topoľčianky.

Distinguished guests viewed the historic riding school, the hippological exhibition and entered the memorial book of the National Stud

Pavel Rajtar

Pavel Rajtar

Pavel Rajtar belongs among the first graduates of the Riding School in Topoľčianky, which was established in the early 1950s. In addition, he is among the giants of world mountaineering and mountain leadership. He reached the biggest stars of extreme skiing and sports ski mountaineering.

Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022 in Topoľčianky

Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022 in Topoľčianky

On the 27th of August, after a 5-year break, almost all vaulting clubs from Slovakia gathered again in the grounds of the National Stud. The reason was the penultimate round of the Slovakian national ranking, the Slovak Vaulting Cup 2022. For all trainees, vaulters and their horses, it was an opportunity to improve their previous scores in their category. Altogether, almost 60 individuals, 6 pairs and 4 groups presented themselves here. The performances were really fantastic, it was something to look at....

Topoľčianky National Stud was successful at the European Vaulting Championships

Topoľčianky National Stud was successful at the European Vaulting Championships

The show jumping department of the Topoľčianky National Stud Farm is one of the long-standing and stable entities in Slovakia. They started their activity in June 1993 under the leadership of the then coach Alena Matúšková. Already in this period, they recorded great success on the international stage. In 1997, the mare Carmen competed at the European Championships in Aachen, Germany, in the individual category with Ľudovít Holý. They took 17th place in the world competition. A year later, Carmen and Lucia Naštická qualified for the World Equestrian Games in Rome, where they placed 23rd. Carmen took 9th place in 1999 at the European Championships in Nitra in the individual category with Martin Vaváček. This same pair started the following season at the World Championships in Mannheim, Germany, where they won 14th place in strong competition. In 2001, Carmen, led by Alena Matúšková and competitor Jana Malíková, took part in the European Championships in Poznań and a year later they started at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain.

In 2005, Boris Kodak took over the leadership of the vaulting department, who successfully continues to achieve excellent results at international championships. He has already prepared many successful trainees and a large number of excellent vaulting horses. The training also includes gymnastic training with professional instructors and vaulting training sessions, which coach Boris Kodak organizes several times a year. At the national level, they are the holders of championship medals in various categories almost every year, and the horses are consistently awarded the title of "Horse of the Year" by their evaluations. Their performances are competitive not only at international events, but also at European and world championships. With the mare Fantagíra, his team took part in the ME 2012 in Pezinok (SVK), Ebreichsdorf 2013 (AUT) and Kaposváry 2014 (HUN) in the category of individuals and pas de deux. In 2015, she took part in the World Championships in Ermelo, the Netherlands, in the pas de deux category with Nikol Švajčíková and Diana Antalíková. In 2019, the junior group on the horse Leon returned to Ermelo for the World Championships. In 2021, Ivana Cigáňová and Andrej Meňhert started at the WC in French Le Mans in the individual category. The squad also met the qualification and won 7th place.

On July 27-31, 2022, the Junior European Vaulting Championships were held in Kaposvár, Hungary. Two individuals from JK pri NŽ Topoľčianky met the qualification and were selected for the national team - Andrej Meňhert in the junior men's category and Laura Balážová in the junior women's category. The squad consisting of Andrej Meňhert, Laura Balážová, Stela Strečková, Gabika Karáčová, Sebastián Kodak and Matúš Solčiansky also met the qualification criteria. The trainees took part in the championship with a horse of the National Stud - with a 10-year-old gelding Leon by the French stallion Dormane du Puy, out of a dam by Lord Inci Tatus. At the moment, they have in preparation a new promising mare with a massive frame with an excellent spacious gallop - Liliane - by Charisma from the dam of Lord Inci Tatus, which the department is currently testing at national level.

However, let's go back to the EC in Kaposvár. With great tension and hope for a medal, we watched the performance of Andrej Meňhert, who, after the mandatory lineup in the first round, took third place out of 13 trainees from 8 European countries. Despite a successful free, he dropped to fourth place with a minimal loss to the third Bel Lehnen from Germany. In the second round, Andrej practiced his free with an excellent rating of 8.159. After adding up all the results, it came in fourth place, just 0.188 points short of the bronze medal. With this placing, Andrej followed up on the performance of Adam Lukáč from the ME juniors in Pezinok in 2012, who also took 4th place on the Topoľčiansky mare Fantagíra. At the time, Adam Lukáč was a trainee for SOUP Šaľa under the leadership of Mrs. Majdlenová. Their horse was injured, and Fantagíra was the ideal replacement in order to preserve the Slovak national team and the chance for a good result.

In the squad category, 7 teams of different nationalities met in Kaposvár this year. The squad under the leadership of Boris Kodak steadily held the 4th position after both rounds with a total rating of 6.994. In the competition of 38 competitors, Laura Balážová took 34th place.

Congratulations to the entire vaulting department and we wish you many more successes.

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Slovak Championship in Endurance 2022

Slovak Championship in Endurance 2022

After a two-year break caused by restrictions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, the premises of the Topoľčianky National Stud racetrack, once again held endurance races. In addition to national competitions at 40, 60 and 80 km, there were also international races CEI1* 100 km, CEI J,YR 1*100 km and CEI2*140 (2x70) km, which were also championship competitions for seniors and juniors/young riders .

Championships of the Slovak Republic in Dressage

Championships of the Slovak Republic in Dressage

On July 16-17, 2022, the Open Slovak Dressage Championships were again held in the premises of the Topoľčianky National Stud Farm. After young horses and pony riders, this time there were categories of seniors and young riders.